Pediatric Dentistry

We want kids to enjoy their dental visits. We set ourselves up for success by maintaining a calm environment in our offices, and explaining what we are doing. We also strive to work efficiently so we can get things done for your child without a lot of waiting.

For many children, the most challenging thing about dental visits is unfamiliarity. Please contact us if you want to bring your child for a short social visit before his/her "official" first appointment. We are happy to give a quick tour. There is no charge for this.

Do you want to be in the room with your child during a dental visit? Welcome! We do not have a policy requiring parents to stay in the waiting room. We are parents, too, so we understand wanting to be there for our own kids.

At pediatric cleaning/checkup appointments, parents typically have three big questions:
1. Does my child brush well?
2. Are there any cavities? 
3. Will my child need braces?

pediatric dentistry

We track brushing and flossing with very specific notes so we can give detailed responses to questions about brushing and other oral-hygiene-related matters. We use digital x-rays and a thorough clinical exam to determine whether there are cavities. And although we don't do child and adolescent orthodontics ourselves, we track growth and development by gathering detailed information (far more than what the State of Minnesota requires of general dentists) so we can offer good ongoing advice about whether (and when) to seek a consultation with an orthodontist. When the time comes for a referral, we are happy to work with the orthodontist of your choice, or help you select one from amongst the excellent nearby practitioners.

For children (and adults, for that matter) our hope is always to offer good advice to PREVENT dental problems before they become significant enough to warrant standard treatment. So, we take a few minutes at every visit to review possible prevention strategies, including higher-fluoride toothpastes, xylitol products, innovations like the Gum Chucks and Ortho Gami products, and alternatives to the drill (when appropriate) such as Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment.

Parenting is challenging. We know. To make things easier, one additional strategy for introducing kids to our office is to bring your child first as an observer. If you want to bring your child to observe during your own dental appointment, we are happy to accommodate this. Often this helps kids see that going to the dentist is normal and easy, perhaps even a little bit boring! 

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