Friendly, locally owned neighborhood clinic.

Three bad things can happen to teeth: Decay, gum disease, and impact/wear. Each of these things can put your dental health at risk.

We design custom prevention plans depending on your individual risk profile, so you can avoid having dental problems in the future ... But when you have a dental problem, we look for the simplest, best solution.

Also offering comprehensive Invisalign treatment.

Now located in a single, super-nice, brand-new single location in beautiful Shoreview, MN.

Need Directions? Click below:

3414 Lexington Ave North
Shoreview, MN 55126


Want a better-looking Smile?

Click below for Invisalign, veneers, bleaching, etc... All the fun stuff that can help make a good smile great.

Already happy
with your Smile?

The basics ... Super important, a little unexciting .... but we strive to be the best at cleanings and checkups.

Time for a Full
dental Upgrade?

If this is you, you already know it. Are you ready? Let's design a game plan so you can enjoy smiling again!

We are down-to-earth, but up-to-date ...

high-tech dentistry in a comfy neighborhood setting.

we're noncorporate, AND WE PLAN TO STAY THAT WAY!

***Our move is completed! Our new, custom-built, beautiful shoreview location opened for patient care on february 21st, 2024.***

wE ARE CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF WELcOMING people for their dental care. we promise to never scold or judge you, no matter what condition your teeth are in!

our new location is at 3414 n. lexington ave, in shoreview, mn.

no insurance? we can still help you. once we have a treatment plan established, our team can help you work out a plan to spread out costs over time. we love getting people caught up with their dental health!
logos for our associations and vendors including AAWD, AAD, Fotona and Invisalign

we keep our skills and knowledge up-t0-date, along with our technology ... so our patients can enjoy the benefits of all that dentistry has to offer.

We are now very easy to find. One location. That's it.

Directions to 3414 Lexington Ave N, Shoreview, MN 55126Screenshot of Google Maps location for our office in Shoreview