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We begin as your dentists by getting to know you as a human being.

It's our practice, so we do things our way. A thorough conversation is the foundation for all that follows. This gives us a chance to listen, hear your thoughts, and become well-acquainted before we start delving into technical, teeth-related details.

When it's time to inspect your teeth and start 'geeking out', we're ready. We know all the technical dental stuff. But we don't switch on the dentist parts of our brains until after we've had a real conversation with you.

We wouldn't have it any other way ... having plenty of time to personally get to know each of our patients is one of our favorite things about having our own practice.

Whether you seek an involved restoration of your teeth, a routine checkup, or some nifty esthetic/cosmetic dentistry like veneers and Invisalign, our team's job is to collaborate with you. We know dentistry inside and out, but that doesn't mean we will impose any treatment decisions upon you - that's your job. It's your mouth, after all.

No insurance? We can probably still help you. There are in-office payment plans available for certain kinds of major dental treatment, to be determined by comprehensive examination and treatment planning. Outside financing is available through Alphaeon and LendingPoint.

Checkups and basic dental upkeep (fillings, crowns, etc.) are an important part of our business, and we work at providing these services efficiently. Significant dental treatments also can often happen in just a few well-orchestrated visits. These can be very exciting and dramatic ... even life-changing for some of our patients. But major treatment often can also occur slowly, gradually, in carefully planned phases over time.

To help with this, we have obtained extensive training in designing phased, multi-year dental treatment plans. Ask, and we'll work to create a treatment sequence so you can proceed at YOUR pace as we help you steadily progress towards better dental health and a more confident smile.

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